sell me this pen

sell me this pen

“Sell me this pen” is a bullshit way to judge your sales skills in the real business world :

“Sell Me This Pen” is a famous dialogue used in the movie ‘the wolf of wall street‘  where the main character Jordon Belfort challenges a job applicant to sell him a pen after this scene in many interviews also this question was asked after this scene everyone was so convinced that only by asking this one question people started judging sales skill’s of people but its not necessarily a good strategy in a real world.

one of the problems with the ‘sell me this pen’ approach is that it’s too generic and does not take into account the needs and wants of the person’s customers’ specific needs, challenges, and goals before trying to sell them a product. by understanding this need you can tailor your sales pitch to highlight how your product can meet those needs.

another issue with the ‘sell me this pen’ approach is that it’s too focused on the product itself and not the value it provides to the customer. simply describing the feature of a product is not enough to convince someone to buy it.  you need to focus on the benefit that the customer receives from using the product, and how it can solve their problem or help them achieve their goals.

in real-world sales situations, it’s important to build rapport. with the customer, understand their need, and communicate the product’s value in a way that resonates with them. The ‘sell me this pen’ approach does not take these factors into account and can come across as pushy or aggressive which can turn potential customers off.

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